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A sampling of our racial equity and justice projects in Montana.

  • Classroom dialogues (elementary to graduate school)
  • Community Forums and Events
  • Community Organizing
  • Co-Sponsorship of Events, Workshops, Issues
  • Educational Presentations
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Training on implicit and explicit bias, etc.
  • Consulting with law enforcement organizations
  • Workshops
  • And more

Teaching and Advocating Ally-ship

An aspiring* ally recognizes ones own privilege and is committed to personal growth (in spite of the possible discomfort or pain) required to promote social change. (*Allyship is always a journey that one advances on but can never fully arrive as there is always more to learn.)

Community Forums

Creating and presenting moderated Community Forums with highly knowledgeable and respected speakers and panelists is one of our specialties.

Issue & Event Co-Sponsorship

The Montana Racial Equity Project was pleased and honored to support the efforts of Indigenous Peoples in the Gallatin Valley, Montana, in changing recognition of the second Monday in October to Indigenous Peoples' Day within the City of Bozeman, Montana.

Community Organizing & Training

The Montana Racial Equity Project does its own community organizing and also trains community organizers.

The non-indictment of the police officer in the shooting death of Tamir Rice in Cleveland upset a number of people in Bozeman, Many came out on very short notice on a cold and snowy day to express their sorrow and outrage at the apparent racial inequity of the justice system to care for young Tamir, even in death. NOTE: This photo does not capture all who took part.