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Equity, Inclusion, Justice Consulting


Organization Development

We partner with you to build individual, group, and organizational capacity to incorporate equity, promote justice, and increase effectiveness with staff, members, customers, and other constituents.

We’ll work with your organization to:

  • Develop a specific and detailed aspirational action plan
  • Conduct a racial equity audit through surveying and 1 on 1 interviews
  • Facilitate workshops to deepen awareness and create conditions to support racial equity
  • Detail a comprehensive outreach strategy to strengthen your organizational culture
  • Detail processes your organization can use by which to build an inclusive and supportive environment (which will enable you to attract and retain a more equitable and inclusive team)
  • Recommend ways by which your organization can increase equity and inclusion in senior management and your board of directors.
  • Guide you in making sure EIJ is included in your mission and vision statements, promise, north star, and theory of change