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Equity, Inclusion, Justice Consulting

We help organizations, groups, educational institutions, and businesses to build inclusive, and equitable workplaces. We strive to achieve equity, racial justice, and positive transformational change for Montana’s historically marginalized, disenfranchised, and oppressed peoples in the personal, social, systemic, and structural arenas. Our organizational and leadership services include EIJ consultation, organization-wide assessments, strategic planning,  keynotes, and training. We also coach following working sessions to support the implementation and the building of your new racial equitable and inclusive culture. 

Why not DEI?

We believe the term diversity" has come to represent something smaller, with less focus towards direct action and racial equity. Bringing BIPOC folks into a space that does not support racial equity and justice can cause serious harm and hinder an organization's ability to retain BIPOC employees. 

Before making a purposeful effort to bring more diversity into its workforce, an organization must establish a racially equitable culture by examining its policies, practices, and procedures for any barriers, overt or subtle, that might limit a new person's ability to contribute. We believe that diversity is built into true equity and true inclusion and that justice for all will be the result.