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Montana Racial Equity Project hosts Dismantling Hatred workshop

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The Montana Racial Equity Project held a Dismantling Hatred skills and strategies workshop on Saturday.

The workshop was help people to become more aware of what others may deem as offensive.

People were asked to give their opinions about a series of scenarios showed on screen and also share how they would react in real life.

The group was diverse with many people from different backgrounds, cultural groups, and racial identities. 

Participants also separated into groups and discussed worldwide racial issues.

Jessica Lahr said she walked away from the workshop with better knowledge of equality issues in the world.

"Gaining the tools to actually use when we see those things happening, that we interject and that we acknowledge that it exists because these are real issues that face a lot of people, maybe not in our own communities, but they exist," Lahr said.

The Montana Racial Equity Project is a non-profit and non-partisan organization.

To learn more about the event or the Montana Racial Equity Project, click here.