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MTREP Bloggers

Crossing the Divide, Judith Heilman

I am a racial equity and justice advocate and the Executive Director of The Montana Racial Equity Project. An 11 year Montana resident, I'm an experienced issues and social justice organizer, a veteran of law enforcement, non-profits, political campaigns and the corporate world. You can find me out and about with my two dogs in tow just like nearly every other denizen of the Gallatin Valley.


The Old White Man, John Heilman

My involvement with social justice issues began in the early 1960's when I worked on voter registration, and then with Caesar Chavez's United Farm Workers. My forty year career in education, from classroom to central office, was devoted to the education of poor and minority children. I've been in picket lines and board rooms, and now here I am in the comparative peace and quiet of social media.



White Mama in Progress, Carly Seifert

"I'm a white adoptive mom who was given the privilege of raising a black son. I share our everyday joys and struggles as we discover what it means to be a multiracial family.”