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Taking The Reins of a Rough Ride on a Horse Named Politics

by Judith Heilman

Regarding the British vote to leave the European Union.

As a marginalized black person in Montana and America, that vote and the stoking of the fires that fed it, looks very familiar to me.

What does the success of the vote to Leave the European Union mean for America's political, economic, and social future? It means that NO American voter who doesn't want to see the US go along the same path, can sit on their hands and just tweet and FB post about how bad DT, Paul Ryan, FOX News and similar ilk are.

The American "Right" has been working on elements for years that are eroding the will of a huge portion of the people and that supports the nativism of the Brexit vote which consists of nativist, anti-globalization and anti-immigrant sentiments (sound familiar?):

Erosion of voter access, guns everywhere, tacit (and sometimes bold) encouragement of the formation and proliferation of hate groups, mass incarceration which affects racial minorities the most, working hard to clamp down on non-white immigrants, working to chip away at Tribal Sovereignty, etc., etc.

The best thing anyone can do now is to get involved in these obstructive and damaging political and social justice issues, to come out IN FORCE to push back on the many inroads to hate, nativism, and xenophobia that have been made. Yes - it requires activism. Getting up out of our comfy chairs once in a while, sacrificing a nice hike, a day at the lake, or a movie night.

Can each of us do it? Dear God, I hope so.