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A (Dirty) Window Into "Minority Anxiety Life"

No, this missive is not about white people living with anxiety about minorities. There is a lot of that but I'm not writing here about white people; nearly everything that's written is about white people already. (And that's a whole 'nother post in and of itself!)

Today, before I even opened this article to read it, my first thought was, "Please, don't let the suspect be a black person!" It suddenly reminded me that I have thought that about a serious crime, each time with raised anxiety, for all my life since at least middle school. I am 99.9% sure that thought NEVER occurs to white folks - "Oh, God, please don't let the suspect be a white person.
I can pretty much assure you that Muslims, Hispanics, Latinx, and Natives frequently have this kind of thought under the the same circumstances. We know that a predominant bunch of white people will ALWAYS make the crime about our race and/or religion. 
Witness the 18 year old kid in Bozeman who recently got in a 100+ mph car wreck that killed his friend. The Bozeman Daily Chronicle deleted about half the online comments on the initial article. Why? The kid, having done what young teenage boys are know to do all across the country, was black and the deleted comments were all egregiously bigoted. I saw most of them and talked with the Editor about it afterwards. (But, hey, there's no racism, bigotry, or prejudice in Montana, much less Bozeman, is there? Sarcasm intentional.)

That said... I am sorry for this officer's death. But I am truly relieved the shooter wasn't a minority because we would always be reminded that it was a minority who did it. As it is, the shooter's race will never be an issue.