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It is no secret that this conference will be intensive. That is why we will be offering guided hikes, thanks to the Montana Wilderness Association! You can check out the options below ranging from easy, moderate, and strenuous. You will be able to sign up for a hike on the first day of the Conference. Registration is first come, first serve. All hike participants will be required to sign a waiver. 

Easy: Palisade Falls, Hyalite - 1.1 mile out and back, 240' elevation gain

This paved, wheelchair accessible trail leads to a spectacular waterfall cascading down columnar basalt from historic lava flows. The waterfall is just a half mile from the trailhead, but provides a great opportunity to stretch your legs and see some of what Montana has to offer. This trail is located in the Hyalite area of the National Forest, about a 40 min drive on scenic mountain roads from downtown Bozeman. 

Moderate: Grotto Falls, Hyalite - 2.4 mile out and back, 278' elevation gain 

Grotto Falls, located in Bozeman’s scenic Hyalite Canyon, is a beautiful waterfall that can be reached within a half hour. Although the waterfall isn’t particularly tall, Grotto Falls makes up for that with sheer volume. Hyalite Creek gushes over the falls into the pools below, creating perfect swimming holes to relax in after a hot day. The natural-surface trail is wide and smooth, and travels through lush evergreen forests, open meadows, and along the creekside. The trailhead is about a 45 min drive from Bozeman. 

Strenuous: Storm Castle Peak, Gallatins, 4.7 mile out and back, 1,829' elevation gain 

Storm Castle Peak Trail can make hikers feel like they’re on top of the world while sitting on this iconic limestone monolith overlooking expansive views of the Gallatin River and the surrounding mountains. Storm Castle hike includes a hefty 2.35-mile climb on a narrow natural-surface trail. Although the elevation gain is significant, the consistent grade and switchbacks interspersed with incredible vistas throughout make for a pleasurable experience for individuals of all hiking levels. The trailhead is about a 35 minute drive from Bozeman.