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Thank you to all who made the Montana Racial Equity Project's Fourth Annual Conference a success


The Montana Racial Equity Project 2019 annual conference will examine the troika of oppression - race, equity, and justice - in Montana. We’ll take a look at its history and current-day effects on individuals, systems, the environment, and policy and practice.  An essential part of the conference will be how individuals and organizations can advance and effect positive transformational change – activating anti-racists. This conference has value for everyone, particularly for racial justice and equity activists and environmental activists living and working in the Intermountain West. Sessions will include The History of Racist Ideas in America and Antiracism; the History of Racism in Montana, its current day effects and manifestations; Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women; and Environmental Justice.



 persons, organizations, institutions, businesses, etc., interested in sponsoring the conference should email info@themtrep ASAP. 

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