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Our logo seems quite ordinary; it is just a smart little pine cone. But what does a pine cone have to do with racial equity and justice? If you look closely, you can see the scales of the pine cone are all different variations and shades of brown prominent on a white background. The distinctive shades of brown emphasizes the wide range of complexions nonwhite people come in. The white background symbolizes the society in which people of color must navigate.

The scales of our pine cone are also open; we are calling people in when they are or might be receptive, not calling them out. Furthermore, when the scales of a pine cone are in an open position they are dispersing their seeds. While we are not throwing out literal seeds, we are disseminating seeds of knowledge essential to understanding the racial inequities in our country today. It is important to note the scales only open when they are under extreme heat or with maturity. Talking, learning, and engaging in conversations about race are not easy; it will be uncomfortable. Yet, if you want to understand how to denudate and dismantle racism you must become comfortable with the uncomfortable.