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Reflection upon this very stressful and tumultuous year has caused me to think about legacy. The legacy of The Montana Racial Equity Project.

No, I’m not referring to MTREP leaving a legacy of money (not hardly!) I’ve come to acknowledge that MTREP, as an organization focused on racial equity and justice, is a legacy for the benefit of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (with all their intersections) in Montana. It has come to serve as a nest for our all-BIPOC staff to flex, flap their wings, and soar for the benefit of not just their own families, but for all historically – and currently – marginalized, disenfranchised, and oppressed people of Montana and their descendants. An organization that, with the help of all of you who support our ardent pursuit of justice, can continue to grow and build. Grow and build a place for all the super-bright, talented, creative, and determined staff that are making legacies for all that will come after us. Furtherance of a legacy was never sought and still isn’t – it just is. Montana has never had an organization quite like ours before. Not in the depth of its mission, the way we do our work, nor in the brilliant, kind, funny, creative staff full of integrity and dedication. I’m grateful for them as I know you must be, too.


In gratitude for your support during this Season of Solidarity,

Judith Heilman, Executive Director and Founder